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Working with exciting new start-ups and emerging businesses we aim to provide capital for growth as well as to provide management advice and contacts.

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are about much more than just providing business finance... Our desire is to be actively involved, helping to mentor the next generation of entrepreneurs and to make use of our experience and networks to help small businesses reach their potential.

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The award winning mobile dating service that set out to bring innovative technology and beautiful design to the online dating industry, making it a better place to meet the right type of people. Launched in 2012 this small start-up is going from strength to strength: winning best new dating app in 2014 at the UK online dating awards , being featured on Sky news and in the Metro as well as a starting The Hatch, a successful co-working space in the trendy Spitalfields area of east London, creating a space that allows small creative and innovative companies together to help support each other through collaboration, knowledge sharing and monthly BBQ's.


At Rockabox we believe that nearly all video content could be more powerful, immersive and effective than it is now. We think it should be delivered in more compelling and engaging ways, so that everyone benefits whether you are a brand, publisher, media owner or agency. It is our mission to try and make that happen and pioneer a whole new content media movement, creating and distributing video content using our own unique technology.

Rockabox RBX technology is a game-changer for content distribution and rich media delivery. Designed with quality and transparency in mind, Rockabox RBX hands back control to agencies and clients while introducing to the market a raft of features that protect a brand's investment.


We believe that the world is full of inspiring people, businesses and organisations who understand what really matters and who are trying to do things right. If we all knew about them and how to find them, we'd be able to make choices in our everyday lives that are better for our communities and our world. We aim to search out all this good stuff, we check it's for real, give it our thumbs up and bring it to you, wherever you are. We have a global agenda and soon to come in Spring 2015 we are focusing on London and, with your help, we intend to map the Conscious world.


Future Digital's core objective is to provide the most dynamic e-safety solutions for the rapidly changing digital and ICT environment including safeguarding, preventing radicalisation and e-safety for schools. Future Digital is dedicated to educating and shaping positive online experiences while protecting more vulnerable users. Our technology continues to define the e-safety space by providing leading edge and innovative software solutions designed to protect and safeguard against online dangers.


KidRated.com is a website where kids reviews days out, attractions, places and experiences in London and beyond. The reviews are videos fronted by ordinary kids. Adults who use KidRated can get detailed information and use its content to judge whether their own kids would enjoy the experience. KidRated encourages kids and parents to get involved and submit reviews, either by commenting on a page, or by making and uploading a short film.

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The team

Richard Hill

Co-founder & Chairman
Richard Hill

"Everything is possible - know what you want and go hard at it"

Richard and fourteen17's ambition is to engage with entrepreneurs that have passion, that want to succeed, that believe in an idea. After 30 years of experience working with some of the worlds largest and most influential companies, Richard and Louisa established fourteen17. Richard has a background in technology, in complexity and in tackling the toughest business challenges.
Richard sits on the board of two of our clients and works across the fourteen17 portfolio of investments.

Louisa Prebble

Co-founder & CEO
Louisa Prebble

"Being successful is great, but being a beginner forces growth and creativity"

Louisa has over fifteen years of working in the management consultancy business working across a multidue of industries helping to advise clients on business strategy, organisational design and behaviour as well as leading large IT programmes.
Louisa is a director and sits on the board of two of our clients and is currently working with a handful of small start-up companies as well as providing regular consulting advice to an established small business as it positions itself for growth.

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Richard +44 7768 535 544

Louisa +44 7799 411 201